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NSW0827 – Nylon Shoulder Washer – .046″ Length – .375″ Outside Diameter – .171″ Inside Diameter

Shoulder Washers and Screw Insulators – Standard Nylon Shoulder Washers
Minimum order: 1,000

Special Nylon Shoulder Washers and Screw Insulators
Tolerances all dimensions ± 0.015
Suitable for a variety of insulation and mechanical applications.
They seal, reduce vibration, and act as spacers, guides, bushings and bearings. Isolate metal screws electrically and reduce corrosion.

They can also be used as light load bearings in many applications. Shoulder washers are shown with prefix NSW.
Screw insulators are for standard screw sizes (#2 up to 1/4) and are shown with the prefix SC.

Shoulder washers can often be interchanged with screw insulators, but they tend to have a shorter shank (L dimension).
Custom sizes can be tooled for moulding.
Please specify size, quantity and tolerances when requesting a quote.
Minimum order: 1,000

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.046"L x .375"A x .040"B x ..250"C x .171"D