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HB-120-18Y-PAD – 120″ Suspension Cable Double Loop Gripper Kit with 18″ Y Paddle – Top & Bottom Exit – For 1/16″ & 3/32″ Cable Size – Up to 275 lbs.

120″ Suspension Cable Double Loop Gripper Kit with 18″ Y Paddle – Top & Bottom Exit – For 1/16″ & 3/32″ Cable Size – Up to 275 lbs.
Kit Includes: DLG-01 x 2, AC-1 x2 / 16-120-18Y-PAD-G

Allows cable to loop and adjusts from either end. For wrapping cable around beams and joists. These double loop grippers can be used for hanging luminaires, HID lights, cable tray, cable baskets, signage and displays.

STEP 1: Insert cable into Looping Gripper.
STEP 2: Pass cable through or around anchor point.
STEP 3: Insert cable back into Looping Gripper.
ADJUSTMENT: Remove load from cable, depress plunger & adjust cable height. Release plunger to lock cable position

NOTE: Looping Gripper must maintain a minimum 2 inch distance from all suspended objects or support structures.

When working with Etlin-Daniels cable suspension systems, here are some guidelines:
– Use only 7×7 or 7×19 uncoated stainless or galvanized steel aircraft cable.
– Always leave at least 1” of cable beyond the body of the gripper.
– Only use a purpose built cutting tool to cut off the excess cable.
– DO NOT feed excess cable into a fixture housing or junction box containing electrical wiring.
– Adhere strictly to the Weight Load Guidelines. Only use cables of the proper diameter along.
– These cable suspension systems are not recommended for outdoor use. It should not be exposed to water, wind or continuous oscillation. Avoid placing fixtures close to HVAC vents or corrosive environments such as plants which use harsh chemicals or swimming pools.
– make sure to comply with all local codes and where applicable national codes. It is the responsibility of the buyer/ installer and / or specifying engineer to do so.
– DO NOT APPLY LUBRICANT to any part of the assembly.

Results were analyzed and the lowest amount for type of gripper and type of cable is listed and is shown in pounds. Cable Grippers recommends a safety factor of 80%. Therefore the weights listed for 1 or 2 cables are 20% of the minimum breaking results.

Our cable assembly manufacturing facility has produced millions of cable assemblies. We are proud of our products and our philosophy. It is our goal to offer quality suspension components at competitive prices.

we recommend that users test their products with all the components of their system. The manufacturer and user of the end product are responsible for their applications, and compliance with all local, state, and federal safety regulations.








120" Cable, DLG-01 (x2), AC-1 (x2), 16-120-18Y-PAD-G


3/32", 1/16"


Top & Bottom


1/16" – 275 lbs., 3/32" – 615 lbs.