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EE300WH-A13BB-GU – LED Running Man Exit Sign Edge Lit , Aluminum Body with 180º Adjustable Acrylic Panels, Thermoplastic Single and Double Sided Operation, 3 Running Man Pictogram Legends Included, 120 – 347V, 3.6VDC Battery Back Up > 120 Min., No Remote Capability, CAN ICES-005 (B) / NMB-005 (B)

The new Etlin-Daniels EE300WH-A13BB-GU LED Edge Lit Running Man sign is constructed of aluminum and acrylic, with a sleek new design. The LED light source is evenly distributed on the Running Man pictogram images, offering 3 pictogram legends to cover all directional orientations. With its ultrathin 180 adjustable face, and universal canopy mount, the EE300 can easily be surface installed to both ceilings and walls. The white powder coat finish adds to a clean and pleasing aesthetic look, and the EE300 is a cost-effective compliment to applications from hospitality and multi-res, to commercial properties. LED’s operate in AC mode and Emergency DC mode.

NOTE: This Emergency Fixture is furnished with a sophisticated low voltage battery dropout circuit to protect the battery from over-discharge after the useful output has been used. Allow 24 hours recharge time after installation or power failure for full load testing or usage.

• Full size adjustable LED Edge Lit Running Man Exit Sign
• 3 pictograms legends for directional orientation
• 120-347V AC operation
• 1W Ultra bright LED panel for emergency mode
• AC operation with DC Battery Back-up
• Test switch and charge indicator
• Built-in 3.6V, 600mAh Ni-Cad battery
• 120 min emergency operation with 24 hour recharge time
• Suitable for damp locations
• UL Listed
• 3 year limited warranty.


Wattage (W)


Single / Double-Sided

Battery Back-Up


Remote Capable







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