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567 – Insulation Displacement Connectors – #12 – 10 Run – #18 – 14 Tap

Insulation Displacement Connectors offer labour saving convenience because stripping is not required. A wide variety of sizes and styles is offered for applications such as: fluorescent ballast installation and replacement, fixture and appliance wiring, automotive and marine wiring, and control circuit wiring.

UL Listed and CSA Certified IDCs have a voltage rating of 600 V maximum for building wire; 1,000 V maximum for signs, fixtures and luminaries.

Instructions for Use:

No strip, no twist, just squeeze. Just that simple. The unique “U” contact provides fast dependable electrical connections without wire stripping. A “live spring” joint is made by driving the “U” contact down into the connector. As the “U” contact is pressed into the connector, it grasps conductors by displacing insulation. The “U” contact grips the conductor and holds with a firm, resilient pressure.

314, 314U, 557 & 558
Operating Temperature: 105°C
UL File No. E23438
CSA File No. LR15503

Also meets the intent of UL Standard for Portable Electric Lamps, UL153, Paragraph 14.2, when housed within the body of the lamp.



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