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Custom Electrical Wire Assembly

Electrical Devices Inc., is a leading supplier of wire and cable harness assemblies for electromechanical and power supply applications. We offer wire harness and custom cables assemblies to OEMs and resellers. We specialize in quality built wire harness assemblies, delivered on time and on budget.

Our harness manufacturing capability includes the largest diversity of wire and cable types and sizes, terminals, connectors, housings, printing on wire, terminal boards and special connectors. We can help you build any type of wire harness to suit your needs. If you need a quotation or samples. With our expertise, we can be your partners from the start to save you time and money.

We manufacturer harnesses harnesses for all applications, including:
Power Supply Harnesses
Control Panel Harnesses
Lighting Fixture Harnesses
Appliance Harnesses
Special Equipment Harnesses
Heating and Cooling System Harnesses
Cut and Stripped Wire and Cable (or with Terminals)
Passive Components to wire applications, lamp holders, switches, ballasts, etc.
Custom Spec Cables and Wire Harnesses

Complete Solutions
Our goal is to provide complete, turn-key engineered solutions, to your wire harness and custom cable assembly requirements on time. Our technical sales staff will work with you, review your needs, and provide you with the most cost effective solutions available in the industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Electrical wire harnesses production from 28 to 4 AWG and up.
Battery and power cable assemblies
Multi-conductor cables
Component to wire

Our Strengths
Approved supplier
Custom manufacturing
Convenience and ease of doing business
In-house engineering and prototyping
On time delivery
Competitive princing
Stringent Quality Control

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