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Custom Electrical Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Our harnesses manufacturing capability includes the largest diversity of wire and cable types and sizes, terminals, connectors, housings, printing on wire, terminal boards and special connectors. Our manufacturing capabilities includes:

Electrical Wire Harnesses Production from 28 to 4 AWG and Up, Battery and Power Cable Assemblies, Multi-conductor Cables, Component to wire

We Manufacture Harness for All Applications, Including:

Power Supply Harness, Control Panel Harness, Lighting Fixture Harness, Appliance Harness, Special Equipment Harness, Cut and Stripped Wire and Cable, Cut and Stripped Wire and Cable with Terminals, Passive component-to-wire applications, Lamp holders, Switches, Ballasts, etc., Custom Specification Cables and Wire Harness

Our goal is to provide complete, turn-key engineered solutions for your wire harness and custom cable assembly requirement on time, every time! Our strength includes:

Approved Supplier, Custom Manufacturing, In-house engineering and prototyping, On time delivery, Stringent Quality Control.

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Commercial Lighting
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Etlin-Daniels has supplied Electrical & Mechanical Hardware products to the North American market since Henry B. Etlin started the original company in 1949. Originally a metal stamping facility, the building still echos with the sound of hardware being stamped and packaged for our OEM and Distribution customers. A comprehensive range of Lighting Components was added to the sales offering in the 1990’s, as well as the addition of Electrical Device Inc – a manufacturer of Custom Electrical Harnesses.

Etlin-Daniels has taken advantage of its lighting expertise through decades of supplying solutions to Lighting Manufacturers across North America, as well as having relationships with high quality electrical, lighting and electronic suppliers to launch a complete offering of LED Fixtures and Emergency Lighting in 2015. And, unlike many start-up LED suppliers, Etlin-Daniels understands the Canadian & U.S. markets and will be around to warranty and provide sales support for everything we sell in future.